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Fire Starter & Whistle

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Product description

SE is proud to present our 2-IN-1 Flint Fire Starter and Whistle. When camping, hiking, hunting, or in emergencies, you want your tools to have multiple functions and perform those functions well. We’ve combined two great features in one with our 2-in-1 Fire Starter and Whistle.

How to Use the Fire Starter:

(1) Gather tinder (twigs, dead branches, dry bark, grass, pine needles, lint or paper)

(2) Hold magnesium rod at an angle above your tinder pile

(3) Use striker to scrape along the length of the magnesium rod to create shavings

(4) Let the shavings fall onto your tinder pile

(5) Keep scraping until you’ve scraped a pile of shavings amounting approximately to the size of a quarter coin

(5) Hold flint at an angle over the pile of magnesium shavings, then slide your striker along the length of the flint forcefully to create sparks

(6) Continue to slide striker against the flint until the sparks you’ve created land directly onto the pile of magnesium shavings & tinder to ignite the fire

(7) Once ignited, blow gently on the magnesium shavings to spread flames to the rest of your tinder

SE is committed to providing the customer with the best source for value possible on the market. You will enjoy the quality, function and usefulness of our SE FS371WW 2-IN-1 Flint Fire Starter & Whistle.

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