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Colt AR-15 16" 5.56 Socom Barrel (1:8)

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AR-15 16" 5.56 1/8 Twist Socom Barrel
Colt Competition Style

These Barrels were a colt overrun from the colt competition rifle these extreme quality barrels are the keystone of that rifle and now available for a limited time only where we were able to pick up the last of these barrels for a cost that is out of this world.
These barrels are First quality and perfect in every way.

The markings on the barrel are the caliber and the twist rate roll stamped in that is the only markings on this barrel.

These barrels feature a very special contour that is designed to be lighter than a conventional socom barrel to give you that extra edge when shooting 3 gun competitions.
The barrel also features a special twist 1-8 tpi that is mainly used in competition rifles where the shooter can use both 52 and 68 grain match bullets the most popular bullet weights in competition. Where normally if the shooter if he had a 1-9 twist they would not want to shoot a 68 grain where the accuracy starts to fall off around that weight but with a 1/8 twist now the shooter can. So for us normal guys when shooting the old standby 55gr & 62gr bullets it will shoot those equally as perfect so if you are one of those guys that likes shooting both 55 and 62gr bullets then this barrel is for you.

SBN Nitride finish is one of the best barrel finishes on the planet it has a Rockwell hardness of 90 (Reg barrels are around 35 Rockwell) the finish is in and out so it eliminates the need for chrome lining where the Nitride finish is corrosion resistant and it does not rust even with the use of corrosive ammo and extends the barrel life longer than conventional chrome lining both inside and outside the barrel.

Length: 16"
Caliber: NATO 5.56
Twist Ratio:1-8
Threaded Dia: 1/2x28 tpi
Gas Port: Carbine Length gas system
Extension: M4 Feed Ramp
Material: 4150 Chrome molly stress relieved.
Finish:SBN Nitride Finish

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