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GAT Crank

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Crank Style Semi-Auto Trigger Firing System
(Heavy Duty Polymer Construction)

Simulate Full-Auto Fire Legally

This Trigger Enhancement System turns any semi-auto AR-15, AK47 or 10-22 Ruger rifle into a real power house that can fire up to 750 rounds per min. This trigger enhancement does not modify the rifle in anyway but once installed will flawlessly turn your trigger into a crank operated system that fires 3 rounds every time you turn the Crank. This accessory DOES NOT DAMAGE or MODIFY your rifle and attaches in just minutes.

Made From Heavy Duty Polymer & Self Lubricating Nylon Bushings

Trigger actuator. Fires 3 shots per turn.
Works with AR-15, AK-47, 10/22 type rifles.
Works both left and right handed.
May work on other rifles.

**Note: Not available to ship to CA, CT, FL, IA, MA, MN or NJ.

Is the GatCrank Legal?
The GatCrank at the Federal level is legal thanks to ATF Rul. 2004-5. However, several states have banned the GatCrank by name, or function. These states are California, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Jersey.

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